Husqvarna ‘Ceora’ large area robot mower

22/06/2021 Husqvarna ‘Ceora’:

Today Husqvarna announced the introduction of the multi-purpose ‘Ceora’ robots for the maintenance of parklands, sports pitches and golf courses.  The series consists of two models; the Ceora 544 EPOS and Ceora 546 EPOS and can maintain areas of up to 50,000m2 (12 acres).


The Ceora robots are considerably bigger than anything in the existing Automower line up. They measure 127 cm long x 108 cm wide x 44 cm high and weigh c. 70 kg. By way of comparison the largest Automower in the current line up, the 450X, which has an area capacity of 5,000m2, weighs in at 14kg!

The machine comprises two components – the power unit and a mowing deck.

Power Unit

The power unit is the rear part of the machine and houses the machine’s CPU, battery, wheel motors and EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System) receiver. The Ceora 544 Epos and Ceora 546 Epos are physically identical, the differentiation is in the software which allows the 546 Epos drive a little faster and thereby increase that model’s area capacity. 

Powered wheel brushes are fitted to the wheels of the power unit to sweep grass clippings off the wheels and ensure that no tufts of grass are left behind on the field.

Mowing Deck

There are three mowing discs under the 105 cm wide mowing deck of the Ceora which deliver a width of cut of 69 cm. There are five blades on each disc, the design of which is the same as on the existing Automower range.  The machine’s height of cut, which ranges from 20 to 70 mm, can be controlled remotely by a smartphone or desktop app. The deck can be flipped up to allow easy access for changing blades and cleaning.

There are four sensors on the front of the mower deck. If these sensors detect an object on the grass, the driving speed decreases. If the object remains in the way, the Ceora changes its mowing route to avoid the object. 

Area Capacity

With a typical mow time on one charge of 4 – 5 hours and a typical charging time of 3 – 4 hours the Ceora 544 Epos has a daily mowing area capability of 20,000 m2. The Ceora 546 Epos meanwhile can handle 25,000 m2/day. If the robot has to return to an area only every second day, the machine’s capacity then doubles to 40,000 m2 to 50,000 m2.

EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System)

The Ceora is equipped with the EPOS RTK-GPS system thereby eliminating the need to lay a boundary wire. Instead a reference station is placed near the area of operation. This station has a range of 500 meters. Thanks to the Epos system, the machine knows exactly where it is to within 2 to 3 cm. The EPOS system also controls the direction of travel – unlike the existing Automower range the Ceora mows in straight lines with an overlap of a few centimetres.


It is possible to set up to 20 different mowing zones. Each zone can be set with its own parameters such as mowing times and heights. 

Future Attachments

Post launch, Husqvarna expect to offer several tools that can fit on the front of the Ceora power units. Possibilities include a striping machine, grass roller, fertilizer spreader and a tool for collecting golf balls as well as alternate moving decks for mowing tall grass and low grass (e.g. fairways).

Guide Price & Availability

The Ceora 544 EPOS will cost approx. €25,000 including the charging station and the EPOS reference station. The Ceora 546 EPOS meanwhile will cost approx. €29,000 euros including the charging station and EPOS reference station. 

The EPOS RTK-GPS radio signal uses a free band so there is no subscription costs.

The Ceora is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2022.

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Battery Power for the Garden

Husqvarna battery-powered motors offer the performance of petrol engines, but without the smoke, and with very little vibration. Batteries are interchangeable, so you can simply swap an empty battery for a charged one and keep on working. This wide range of highly efficient handheld products is driven by powerful lithium-ion batteries, built for demanding, continuous use. Quick to recharge and even quicker to swap, every Husqvarna battery is compatible with every Husqvarna battery tool. Chainsaws always require BLi20 or BLi200 batteries.

Husqvarna Battery Hedgetrimmer

When using the battery-driven machines you’ll appreciate not only the absence of direct emissions and the minimal need for maintenance, but also the relief of working with almost silent motors. The noise level of battery machines are up to 13 dB (A) lower than that of gas-powered machines.

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Kubota Machinery

David O’Sullivan – Kubota Groundscare Specialist

At Atkins we work very closely with Kubota, a company founded in Japan in 1890 that has excelled throughout its long history in the construction and ground care industry. With a formidable line-up of  diesel ride-on’s, Tractors, Utility vehicles and PTO driven implements there is sure to be something for the budding enthusiast to the professional Landscaper.

The beefy construction and high power output of a diesel mower go hand in hand with big landscaping jobs, but all that power belies a diesel engine’s high efficiency as compared to a petrol-powered mower. Although more expensive up front than a petrol mower, a diesel mower is capable of paying for the difference in price over time.

Because of their power and efficiency advantages over petrol engines, diesel engines are well suited to large lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers designed for sizable jobs. Diesel mowers are designed for large properties, where their fuel efficiency can produce larger fuel-cost savings more quickly. They are also well-suited to properties where the grass is frequently high or wet; a powerful mower is better able to accomplish these difficult jobs quickly, saving both time and fuel.

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Robot Lawn Mowers

Atkins are suppliers and installation experts for Husqvarna Robot Lawn Mowers. We adivse, supply, install and service the full range of automowers in the Husqvarna range.

Using similar technology to robotic home vacuum machines, robot lawn mowers automate the time-consuming task of cutting the lawn while you’re sleeping or relaxing at home. Robot mowers from Atkins are known for their reliability and their ability to achieve a perfect cut every time.

Our expert consultants are available at all times to discuss requirements. Following site assessment, we will make the best recommendations for your lawn and, if required, arrange installation and commissioning of the new mower.

We also carry remote control mowers and reference stations for larger properties where additional range is required.

Welcome Spring!

Sheila Crean who has been horticulturalist in Atkins for the last 10 years is the contributor of this blog and we feel certain that the information will be of use to all gardeners.

Sheila attended Termonfeckin Horticultural College for three years after leaving Secondary School.  Four years working with Birchill Landscapes followed and then Sheila gained further experience working with a landscape company in Munich.  Greenhouse crop production in Holland for a year added a further string to her horticultural bow, providing another piece of valuable experience.  Floral Décor Interior Landscapes was her next port of call, followed by a spell with DJ Murphy Garden Centre, Bandon who possessed a real passion for rare and unusual plants.  Immediately prior to working with Atkins, Sheila spent 8 years working very hard growing vegetables on an organic scale.

With her varied, vast array of experience Sheila has gained in the gardening world, she will provide us with insights of what has worked and what products she has found most helpful. For the next number of weeks, Sheila will publish blogs directly relating to the timely work needed in the garden. 

The first problem we will deal with is Moss! There is moss in the lawn, moss on the paths.  Moss, moss, moss – it is everywhere this year. I am of the old school of gardening and this will be more apparent in coming weeks, so year after year I apply sulphate of iron to my lawn. You say, my lawn is destroyed with black patches for the next six weeks – this is true, it blackens the moss overnight, but iron is a really good feed to give your lawn.  As humans we need iron, so why not feed it to the lawn as well. In six weeks, the moss will disappear and you will have fed the entire lawn, trees, shrubs and hedges.  A super product capable of doing all this in one go!

WARNING – If you have a patio area or footpaths, please be very careful as iron will discolour everything, so:

  • Do not apply on a windy day
  • Do not apply in very warm weather
  • Do not apply straight after mowing the grass (wait 2/3 days)

So, that’s the old-fashioned way – Sulphate of Iron… but the New Kid on the Block is Mo-Bacter – the customer’s choice.  You will see some very customer-friendly terms used to describe Mo-Bacter

  • Dissolves (a great word!!) the moss in the lawn
  • It is organic based
  • No raking out is necessary
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Active bacteria transform dead moss into feed
  • Fees the lawn for up to 100 days
  • Best applied March – September when temperature is over 10o

So, there you go – two products to treat moss and yes, we do stock both in the Atkins Garden World shop.

That’s all for this week – so visit next week and we will be discussing what to use on the paths, driveways and patios to remove algae, moss etc – a tricky one, but I will tell you what has worked for me.  Also, we will talk about seed potatoes, sowing tomatoes from seed and a few new products for killing weeds – organic approved with no Glyphosate.

Our Company

The company began trading in 1878 and went through a series of expansions, acquisitions and relocations. John Atkins & Co moved to the present Carrigrohane Road premises in 1964. Company growth is reflected in the number of prestigious dealerships for Farm and Garden Machinery – Fendt, Pottinger, Bredal, Bogballe, Briggs & Stratton, Husqvarna, McHale and Kubota are some of the brands in the Atkins portfolio.
There are service departments for both Farm and Garden machinery and an extensive mobile repair service available from company headquarters.
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