Kubota Machinery

David O’Sullivan – Kubota Groundscare Specialist

At Atkins we work very closely with Kubota, a company founded in Japan in 1890 that has excelled throughout its long history in the construction and ground care industry. With a formidable line-up of  diesel ride-on’s, Tractors, Utility vehicles and PTO driven implements there is sure to be something for the budding enthusiast to the professional Landscaper.

The beefy construction and high power output of a diesel mower go hand in hand with big landscaping jobs, but all that power belies a diesel engine’s high efficiency as compared to a petrol-powered mower. Although more expensive up front than a petrol mower, a diesel mower is capable of paying for the difference in price over time.

Because of their power and efficiency advantages over petrol engines, diesel engines are well suited to large lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers designed for sizable jobs. Diesel mowers are designed for large properties, where their fuel efficiency can produce larger fuel-cost savings more quickly. They are also well-suited to properties where the grass is frequently high or wet; a powerful mower is better able to accomplish these difficult jobs quickly, saving both time and fuel.

Visit and view the full range of Kubota mowers on the Atkins website

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